Athletic Recovery Tip: Hit The Showers!

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like a hot shower and a steam after some vigorous sports activity. Most of the time I work out at the gym and I always look forward to a post exercise dousing of intense water. It soothes the muscles and relieves the ache. In other words, it hits the spot. In point of fact, it doesn’t even allow any discomfort to come on. You go home invigorated and ready to hop in the SUV for a night of adventure. Let your mood be your guide.

A shower is the best athletic recovery tip I have other than bandaging a swollen knee. I am usually asked about other subjects, but this one I will offer as free advice. You don’t want to encounter a situation, however, where hot water is in short supply. It either requires a major tank, or even better, one of the best tankless water heater units. I am probably the only person I know who would check this all out before joining a gym. So now you also know. It should be tops on your checklist after the monthly fee, the locker room amenities, and of course the equipment.

My motto at the gym is “hit the showers!” Public or private, this kind of indulgence may be daily, but it is special every time. You can’t say that about a lot of things you do this often. I am so adamant about having enough hot water at home, that I have a backup system generator. You can see that I am not kidding about this necessity of life. Drinking water isn’t not even as important.

Let that barrage of heat pour over you and massage your back. Let your feet trail in the pools below. Rinse your every part in welcome warmth. Has anyone ever written an ode to a shower? Well, there is always a first time. Just looking at things from a practical perspective, you will get squeaky clean while you relax and unwind.

I vote for putting a great shower head in your bathroom at home—the best money can buy. It has to be flexible and adjustable to your mood and whim. It should never corrode and lie down on the job. This is my athletic recovery tip number two. A good one is worth its weight in gold in superior performance and longevity. If you want to add a soft water cartridge, so be it. The shower experience should be rich and full.

Okay, enough rhapsodizing. You say a shower is a shower is a shower. While I beg to differ, I won’t overdo the paean. I will say, however, that if you don’t know what I am talking about in this blog, you have been missing quite a nice experience. If you are willing to accept tepid water, unreliable shower head spray, and even a rough towel after the fact, you are compromising way too much. Try paying a little more attention to the experience, and you will find ways of making it better.