Best Places for Water Sports

If you love water sports like I do, get in that SUV now and get ready to find some great places. Most people I know love anything from snorkeling and diving to kayaking, and more. The spots that draw aficionados are far apart as they take place in different seasons and parts of the country. No matter, you know you can get there in your van, loaded to the gills with just the right gear. Road trip anyone?

The SUV is in heaven when it is headed in the direction of some water recreation—especially during the summer months. You have your choice of a lake, river, or ocean as a rule. What you do most often no doubt depends on where you live and how far you are willing to drive for a short jaunt or a longer vacation. Taking the family has to be routine for you married guys. Isn’t that why you bought the vehicle in the first place?

In case you are a newbie, I have created a little lexicon for first timers.


Canada anyone? The Discovery Islands are a great spot for kayaking, and you might even get to do it amid whales. Most of the time it is an adventure with mountain views, amazing wildlife encounters, plentiful tidal pools, and emerald lagoons. It is a top choice for the sport as it mixes both the peace of nature and high-blown adventure. It’s the best of British Columbia on the water. Otherwise, load up some fishing kayaks on the roof of your SUV and find your local fishing spot.


I like to fuel my surfing dreams in California. It is a big sport there along the Pacific coast. Even if you don’t have sun-bleached hair, you will fit in if you just have a board. The scenery is glorious: just gaze west over endless seas as you wait for the next set. Anyone who loves to put their feet in the sand will choose stand up paddle boarding as their first choice of water sport as a beginner because it’s really easy to pick up. I like San Diego. The area brings out the dudes in wetsuits and the gals in bikinis.


There are many top snorkeling locations around the world, but you can’t drive to most of them such as Fiji or Hawaii. So what’s left? Plenty of options. I have been known to be seen in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, but off season when the college kids are gone. Florida’s ocean waters are rich in aquatic life. You will be amazed at the underwater world near the coral reefs, just off the shore. Grab the snorkel gear and let’s go! Whether your preference is a glass bottom boat or your own close range viewing, your experience will be colorful for sure.

Water sports include boating and sailing for many people and just about any local lake will do. If you are more ambitious either the east or west coast will get you out on the high seas. Otherwise, up a lazy river might be just the right amount of fun. If the ocean calls, a paddle board or Jet Ski might be your idea of heaven. A speed boat is an exciting alternative. Then there is water skiing and diving off the pier for those wanting some adventure.

But I have really digressed. I was touting my SUV as the best mode of travel to water sport destinations, even if one is only a mile or two away. This dependable vehicle takes me from a work day to a play day with minimal transition. If you are a fellow traveler, I don’t have to try too hard to convince you. As for the rest of you, well I invite you to jump on board.