November 2015

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You may have considered getting an SUV before, but you’ve wondered whether or not they really are as awesome as you’ve heard. Chances are, they’re even better than that. They look extremely cool from the road, it’s true, but they look that much cooler up close. The experience of actually driving them, of course, cannot be surpassed in the visual sense.

When you drive an SUV or even ride in it as a passenger, you feel like you’re in another class altogether. It’s like you’re hovering above the other cars. We have different lanes on the road. This is like having different lanes above the road. You’re in one of the upper lanes, and you feel like you’re riding one of the world’s biggest and heaviest magic carpets all the while. Scratch that: you feel like you could kick the world’s backside if you wanted, and it’s hard to beat that when you’re just driving to work.

SUVs are the vehicles for the people who have high standards and who won’t settle for average no matter what. You could drive a small car, or you could drive the kind of car that will really make you push yourself to your limits. You could spend your life on you backside, only going out into the world and enjoying it when your bosses let you, or you could actually feel things and take risks. I always thought that was the sort of mindset that SUVs were promoting, and that’s the way you feel when you’re actually on the road.

Even the most mundane things seem awesome if you do them in an SUV. Getting coffee at a drive-through feels more awesome if you do it in an SUV. Accelerating your engine feels more awesome if you do it in an SUV. It really doesn’t even feel like a vehicle in the same way that a car is a vehicle. An SUV really belongs in its own class when it comes to all things vehicular, because it really is the exception to every rule. It’s honestly really hard to go back to a regular car once you’ve actually had the liberating experience of driving an SUV for the first time.