Not the Answer I was Expecting

I keep rubbing my eyes. They are getting red and swollen as a result. It is never recommended to do this as you might aggravate the problem, but they itch and it drives me wild. I must have allergies I don’t know about and should get tested for different pollens. There is some irritant in the air. But that wouldn’t explain why my eyelashes are sparse and sweat gets in my eyes. They are supposed to protect you from dust and moisture, but it isn’t working. Now I have a double problem that no one has heard of. I ask my friends and family members and they just look at me with a puzzled expression.

I made an appointment with a doctor suggested by my sister who specializes in ophthalmology. You wouldn’t go to an optometrist, for example, who prescribes eyeglasses. I need something else. During my visit, I get a complete eye exam and am told I have chronic dry eye. There are many drops on the market available online or in drugstores that help. You must use them on a regular basis. They don’t contain preservatives or alien chemicals and are safe for the eye. Just make sure if you are also afflicted, that you buy them fresh once a month or so. Okay, I can do this if it will stop the rubbing. Now what about the eyelashes? The doctor said it was my natural condition. Women with short lashes resort to false eyelashes, but this is not for me. Instead, she prescribed an eyelash growth serum from Eyelashes to Die For. These are becoming more and more popular for cosmetic purposes. I really don’t care about batting long lashes, but I do want protection. The lashes need to do their job.

I applied the serum twice a day and waited a couple of months as the doctor predicted. My lashes were getting longer by the day. I wondered where it would stop. I looked so different because not only were they longer, but thicker and darker, too. This is a great serum. You must have a prescription as it is considered to be a medical treatment. It is therefore covered by most insurance policies. You have to keep at it if you want maximum growth and then you go into the maintenance period of one or two applications a week. That isn’t too bad. I have added it to my regular routine. Thank you to whoever invented such a serum for eyelash growth. I read that it was discovered accidentally as a side effect for glaucoma eyedrops. Innovation isn’t always in the lab I guess. It’s like Propecia (finasteride) that is used for male pattern baldness to regrow hair. It is a drug that originally was prescribed for prostate problems. Whatever the reason for its existence, this eyelash serum is a virtual miracle. I don’t think people would donate money to do research in this area; so I, for one, am grateful it was discovered.