January 2021

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SUVs are awesome for several reasons. These rough and accurate vehicles are tough, stiff, and robust, and can go through anything. They have an enormous boot and look very interesting because of their distinctive lines. They look like beasts! SUVs are not built for your everyday Joe though, but for busy people who spend time in their cars and like practicality. New models now have smart technologies inside to make you even more comfortable. How about that!.

Inside there’s a lot of room. You have plenty of room in front and over you which makes you feel like you’re in a limousine. Fitting people is not a problem either. There’s a lot of headspace and legroom for rear passengers. It’s so spacious, in fact, that you can pass by the passengers easily. Access is excellent even for putting child seats. Very convenient to install because of the wide doors that give you enough space for maneuvers such as these.

Since the inside is so big, you can load a lot of things. The boot of my SUV has 602 liters of capacity which grows to 1847 liters with the rear seats folded. This is where you can put all the baby paraphernalia you can carry, as well as sports equipment, you can fit four big suitcases with ease, you can put your bicycle with no problem at all, even large cardboard boxes when you need to move or transfer anything. The practicality is superb.

The last time I was transferring something in my SUV was for my cousin. When she called me and said she needed help, I knew I could help her with the car. It’s not the first nor the last time I use my SUV to help somebody. We went to the mall where she bought several air purifiers via Clean Breathing’s website. She was skeptical that they would fit, but after I saw them on the web page, I knew they would fit easily. Now my cousin has all she needs and because of my SUV, I am a hero again.